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Participate in a course at the Norwegian Arctic Academy. Learn polar expedition techniques and progression on Arctic terrains at the very top of Europe. North Cape in winter is a life-time experience.

Mageroya Island, located at 71º North, displays some remarkable geographic and climatic features: frozen lakes, ice-free fjords, huge virgin planes and a complete Arctic ecosystem. The place provides a perfect scenario to camp and ski on Polar conditions, yet under slightly milder temperatures due to the influence of the warm Gulf current. The limitless winterly landscape, the Northern Lights and the feeling of complete isolation make of the island an ideal training camp for those aiming to embark on major Polar expeditions or traverses across Lapland, Greenland, the Baltic sea, Svalbard, etc.

There’s room too for those outdoor fans who, with no larger expedition in mind yet, would like to learn the ropes of polar expedition techniques, hoping to aply such skills to outdoor winter trips near home. This is not an organized trip, but an exhaustive training. There’ll be no time to waste: we need every single minute to learn, practice and polish details that may prove essential in upcoming Arctic ventures. There will be both theory and practice – aka lectures and outdoor training sessions - during the course.

The Polar Academy’s HQs will provide comfortable accommodation and classrooms/conference rooms for lectures and workshops.

Duration: 6 training days, 7 nights of accoodation. Participants may enjoy an extra night at the beginning or the end of the course at no extra cost.

Groups: 4 to 8 participants.

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Nordkapp Camping

Avstand: 5,8 km
Velkommen til opplevelsesrike dager på Nordkapp Camping i Skipsfjorden, kun 24 km fra Nordkapp - Europas nordligste hjørne.
Rom og Leilighet


Avstand: 25 km
Velkommen til Nordkappferies leilighets- og konferanse anlegg. Nordkappferie har beliggenhet i et maritimt miljø i det sjarmerende fiskeværet Gjesvær, 37 km fra Honningsvåg og 31 km fra Nordkapp.