The surroundings of Honningsvåg by RIB

Date: Wednesday 1 may 2019 - Monday 30 Sep 2019

Join us for an exciting RIB boat safari, starting from our excursion office in Honningsvåg, the centre of the North Cape municipality.
After suiting up and a short safety briefing, we will board the boat and take you on a ride to discover the southern shores

On the way, you will have a chance to spot some of the local wildlife, which includes seals, sea-eagles, harbour porpoises and many types of seabirds. Once we reach Kjelvik, we will tell you a bit more about this original centre of the municipality and its rich history including witch burnings. Also, Nordvågen, a quaint little fishing village with a population of only 500 inhabitants is on our way.
And if you ask nicely, maybe your captain will go full speed, providing you with that extra adrenaline kick.

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