Aktivitäten in Nordkapp - 22 Treffer

The Iconic North Cape by Snowmobile

1 Feb 2020 - 19 Apr 2020
Zeit: 10:00

Aktivitäten Visiting North Cape by snowmobile truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Join us this winter and share experiences you will talk about for many years to come.

Snowmobile safari to the North Cape

15 Jan 2020 - 15 Apr 2020
Gebiet: Nordkapp  Karte
Zeit: 19:00

Aktivitäten, Scooter und ATV Visit the North Cape by snow mobile, enjoy stunning scenery and the lights of the Arctic. The journey goes through a scenic landscape with fjords, plains and snowy scenery. Phot...

Polaris Crew Rental

19 Okt 2019 - 1 Jan 2020
Zeit: Not specified

Aktivitäten Explore the artic with the Polaris Crew Cab. You can be up to 6 persons on the sam cab.

The North Cape Midnight Tour

14 Mai 2020 - 31 Jul 2020
Gebiet: Honningsvåg
Zeit: 22:00

Aktivitäten, Verkehrsmittel, Linienbus Going to the North Cape at midnight is a dream come true. Endless ocean, majestic mountains and a chance to see the Midnight Sun at the northernmost of Europe. Join us on a ride...

Northern Lights Adventure at the North Cape

15 Jan 2020 - 1 Apr 2020
Gebiet: Nordkapp  Karte
Zeit: 18:00

Aktivitäten, Nordlichtjagd Experience the Northern Lights at the very northern most point of Europe on the plateau of the North Cape itself. You will be going with a convoy through rugged arctic scenery a...

Midnight Expedition to the North Cape

4 Jan 2020 - 6 Apr 2020
Gebiet: Nordkapp  Karte
Zeit: Not specified

Aktivitäten, Nordlichtjagd, Scooter und ATV Join us on a Winter Expedition to the Northernmost point of Europe. Conquer the arctic wilderness by snowmobile, spend the night at the North Cape and enjoy the stunning scenery...


6 Apr 2020 - 5 Sep 2020
Gebiet: Gjesvær  Karte
Zeit: Show all

Aktivitäten, Vogelsafari Dies ist eine einmalige Gelegenheit, Wildvögel aus nächster Nähe zu beobachten. Die 1½ stündige Bootstour führt von Gjesvær zum Gjesværstappan Naturreservat, das sich 15 km west...

King Crab Express

19 Sep 2019 - 14 Okt 2019
Gebiet: Honningsvåg  Karte

Aktivitäten Join the King Crab Express to Sarnes and learn all there is to know about this infamous crustacean amidst stunning arctic scenery. We pick you up at the cruise pier, and drive w...

North Cape Winter Tour

19 Okt 2019 - 30 Apr 2020
Gebiet: Honningsvåg  Karte
Zeit: 11:30

Aktivitäten, Verkehrsmittel, Bus [...] CORRESPONDS WITH HURTIGRUTEN: Visit the North Cape and the great sights of the arctic in winter. Experience the North Cape Hall and its exhibitions. Enjoy the great photo opport...

Die Nordkap Sommertour

1 Mai 2020 - 30 Sep 2020
Gebiet: Honningsvåg  Karte
Zeit: 11:45

Aktivitäten, Verkehrsmittel, Bus [...] KORRESPONDIERT MIT HURTIGRUTEN: Erleben Sie das Nordkap mit seinen spektakulären Aussichten. Nehmen Sie an unserer Entdeckungsreise teil und besuchen Sie eine samische Familie. ...

Artico Ice Bar

31 Jul 2019 - 1 Sep 2019
Gebiet: Honningsvåg  Karte

Sehenswürdigkeiten, Sehenswürdigkeiten und Kultur, Kreuzfahrt Welcome to artico Ice Bar!

An Introduction to Ice Fishing

1 Jan 2020 - 19 Apr 2020
Zeit: 10:00

Aktivitäten Learn about ice fishing and catch your own dinner. A light winter activity, accessible to all types of travellers.

Northern Lights ATV-safari

19 Okt 2019 - 1 Apr 2020
Gebiet: Honningsvåg  Karte
Zeit: 19:00

Aktivitäten Join us on a expedition to hunt for the Northern Lights at the top of Europe. This can become one of your greatest adventures ever.

North Cape ATV-safari

19 Okt 2019 - 27 Okt 2019
Gebiet: Nordkapp  Karte
Zeits: 10:00 & 18:30

Aktivitäten Join us on an adventurous expedition to the North Cape through stunning scenery and nature. Experience the unique views of fjords, ocean and mountain scenery from an ATV. On the...

Snowshoeing in the Arctic Tundra

1 Jan 2020 - 19 Apr 2020
Zeits: 10:00 & 19:00

Aktivitäten Join us for this arctic escape away from all civilisation and forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Snowshoeing is a fun and easy winter activity and makes winter...

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Gebiet: Gjesvær  Karte

Vogelsafari, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Naturattraktion Vogelsafari - Die zweitgrößte Attraktion am Nordkap Dies ist eines der Dinge, die man nur einmal im Leben erfahren. Die zweistündige Bootsfahrt beginnt in Gjesvaer und Ausgehen...

Northern Lights experience

Gebiet: Honningsvåg  Karte

Aktivitäten, Nordlichtjagd Join us in the search to take in the spectacular views of the Northern Lights in the most northernmost area of Europe. Warm drinks and snacks included. The surroundings provides...

Snowshoe Safari to Kirkeporten

Gebiet: Skarsvåg  Karte

Aktivitäten, Wandern Snowshoes are designed to walk on a thick layer of snow and make it much easier to do the walk to Kirkeporten, one of the small miracles along the coast of Northern Norway. This...

North Cape cliff, North Cape

Gebiet: Nordkapp  Karte

Naturattraktion, Aktivitäten The North Cape cliff has long been a popular and important navigation mark for shipping traffic in the north. In 1553, an English expedition set sail under the command of comman...

Tailor made boat trips along the northernmost coast of Northern Norway

Gebiet: Gjesvær  Karte

Aktivitäten, Boot und Wasseraktivitäten Bird safari to Gjesværstappan Nature Reserve. Daily departures in the summer season. We can also organise tailor made boat trips. Bird safari, fishing and other tours. 



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